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Proud Mother, Surrey

When our only daughter announced she was getting married my thoughts soon turned to what I was going to wear to the wedding. I wanted to relish my role as Mother of the Bride and was determined to look amazing while not competing with my daughter (well, at least, not too much!).

However, after several attempts to find the perfect outfit, I was getting frustrated and disheartened. I felt like none of the outfits I found looked good on me and I had started to lose my perspective and confidence. I think I was trying just too hard.

That's when I called Ghaz. We had a good chat on the phone and I immediately felt less stressed. We arranged to meet for a coffee followed by an afternoon shopping together. Ghaz was great. He took me to some lovely shops I'd never heard of and we had a fantastic afternoon. By the end of the day we had found the perfect outfit, including shoes that not only looked good but that I could wear all day and a stunning "Mother of the Bride" hat.

The wedding went like a dream. My daughter looked beautiful and I was so proud to be her Mum. And my outfit made exactly the impact I'd been hoping for!