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Opera Singer

I used to be one of those people who never knew what to wear; I had a very chaotic and imbalanced wardrobe! I could easily get into a little "crisis", changing clothes 3 or 4 times before going out because of my own insecurity!  I had old clothes just "hibernating" for years which I never used. I also disliked shopping, partly because I was not comfortable with my body and not knowing what suited me and partly because I simply did not know where to go to find the right shops.

When I got to know Ghaz I liked him immediately. He has transformed my wardrobe for the better and I feel much more confident with myself and my clothes. He has also introduced me to great shops and has very good contacts and a natural way of dealing with people. Shopping with him is always a great joy and the time passes very quickly. He puts me in a good mood with his lovely smile and sense of humour. Above all he is very professional and experienced. He carefully does his research beforehand and puts aside clothes for me so there is never any waste of time and I have always thoroughly enjoyed every shopping adventure with him . To be with Ghaz is a very energizing and stimulating experience and he gives you good advice and inspiration. I still have some insecurities with what to wear for special occasions but the good thing is that Ghaz is always available and there for me and I am very grateful for all the help he gives me!

I can gladly recommend Ghaz who is a wonderful stylist and a delightful person to be with!